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Distant Ecosystem



game guild



Void tokens have an array of utilities strategically mapped to each products that ensures its relevance is sustained in the Distant ecosystem.

The Distant Timeline

Q3 2022

  • Project inception and Ideation
  • Team building and expansion
  • Internal networking with core experts in the NFT and metaverse industry
  • External Communication with KCC based projects
  • Partnerships with reputable projects existing on the KCC Network

Q4 2022

  • The beta phase of the NFT marketplace
  • Token Presale on reputable platforms
  • Official Launch
  • NFT Marketplace Official launch
  • NFT Minter goes live

Q1 2023

  • Official beta phase of the Auction House
  • Fiat integration into the NFT marketplace
  • Bridge integration and customization
  • Lending Market beta phase
  • Public reveal of the Auction House

Q2 2023

  • DAO Launch and implementation of the veToken model
  • INO launchpad official release
  • Lending market official launch

Q3 2023

  • Game Guild Official launch
  • Gamepedia: Play, Interact, Earn. PIE
  • NFT Fractionalization public release
  • Augmented Reality beta phase