Frequently Asked Questions

Distant Finance is an ecosystem built on the KuCoin Community Chain that bridges the void between NFTs and the metaverse to their application in the real world, making the gateway between the digital and the physical world an imaginary line.
We will be the first in line with a slew of products that embodies everything needed in an NFT Ecosystem.

Distant Finance offers a wide range of DeFi and NFT products and sub-products such as:
NFT marketplace
INO launchpad
NFT bridge
Lending Pool
Game Guild
and other DeFi integrated services such as staking to users.
Other products are in line for release but mostly will be considered as sub-products

A strategic fundraising program for early-stage NFT related projects that helps develop infant project ideas from the ground up before becoming mainstream projects.
Access to the Launchpad and a decentralized community support are part of the benefits a project gets to enjoy on the Distant Launchpad

Distant Lending allows NFT holders to utilize their NFT in getting instant loans when needed without having to sell their NFT collection. Borrowers can finalize and get funding from lenders in exchange for interest at the end of the loan period.

$VOID is a KRC-20 token, the native token of the Distant Finance ecosystem that allows holders to stake, access launchpad features, and governance voting. It is the fuel behind our ecosystem that offers a wide range of benefits to the holders from the use of the products released on the Distant Ecosystem.

The Distant DAO is our path to full decentralization. Starting off with the Quango, our semi decentralized structure, we will collectively build the ecosystem before going into full decentralization
The community will be allowed to decide on how Distant Finance should operate. Every decision-making will have to go through the DAO before seeing they are implemented on the platform.

The launch for the ecosystem was slated for July.
Our first product will be the NFT marketplace with beta phases for complex systems of all our products